Engaging The Modern College Student

Tools, Tips & Strategies For Understanding & Engaging Today's College Students

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About The Book
2014 and 2015 are big years in the higher ed universe. The past three years have been an interesting spectacle as social and digital technology have steadily become an essential part of communication and engagement. Engaging with students used to be straightforward. Now it’s more challenging than ever before.

While some may argue that constant connectivity is not only bad, but a major distraction, others see an opportunity and the potential reach their message could have. The modern SAPro is one that refines engagement and outreach methods to messages that are powerful and to the point. It is no longer “time” that is our most valuable asset, it is “attention & time.”

Learn where modern college students spend most of their digital time and how to successfully engage them by downloading “Engaging The Modern College Student.”
What’s Inside
  • Why you matter more than you know.
  • What defines a modern college student.
  • How to leverage technology.

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