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The Complete Guide to Co-Curricular Learning

Developing co-curricular learning frameworks shouldn’t feel like rocket science, but sometimes, it just does. We want to make sure that we’re building a reasonable pathway to success for our students, but how do we know that what we’re doing is helpful to them? And how to we help them see the connection between it all?

That’s what this e-book is for. We’ll guide you through the basics, show you how to build your own framework, and give you some tips and tricks to ensure that the framework that you build is atmosphere-proof.

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10 Qualities of Effective Leaders

This printable poster will serve as a daily reminder in your office that leadership is something that is built, not born with.

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100 Budget-Friendly Program Ideas

This simple guide offers 100 low-cost ideas for engaging and meaningful campus events that don't sacrifice quality or learning.

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Engaging the Modern College Student

Learn where modern college students spend most of their digital time and how to successfully engage them.

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LinkedIn Group

Today's higher education students are more technologically advanced and fast paced than previous generations.

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Email Academy

Campus Culture Academy

We’ve compressed our years of knowledge and experiences, along with external research, into a 10 week email based academy.


Study Abroad Reflection Guide

This guide will help study abroad advisors and students alike to ensure that study abroad experiences are as positive and meaningful as possible.

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Event Success Reflection Guide

Whether your event is large or small, reflection must be a part of your planning process! Our guide will help you get started.

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How to Build Wonderful Rubrics

This guide, created in collaboration with Joe Levy, will help you throughout each step of the rubric-building process.

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10 Essential Skills Employers Look for in Recent Graduates

Ensure that your students are workforce-ready with this sweet and simple poster. Can you guess what the top 10 essential skills for the workforce are?

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The latest news, updates, strategies, & engagement tips, every week.

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One RA’s Strategies for Redefining Self-Care on Campus

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Community Service Reflection Guide

Help your student volunteers better understand their motivation to give back and how community service fits into their lives with this reflection guide. Use it on its own, in group discussions, for journaling, or with a Presence form.

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The Art of Data

Learn how to identify and gather your data so you can start successfully engaging your students like never before.

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