Welcoming Andrew Angstadt

2017 has been an amazing year of growth for the Presence team. Meet the newest member of the Presence team, Campus Outreach Coordinator, Andy Angstadt!

Before moving to Florida for college, Andy spent time as a ski and snowboard instructor in the Poconos. He attended Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida and graduated with a BA from the school of Business Art and Design in 2014. During his time as an undergraduate, he held leadership roles with SGA, the American Advertising Federation, the National Student Advertising Competition, and worked as a Teacher’s Assistant for Ringling’s Pre-College Summer Program.


After graduating, he worked as a Coordinator for Student Volunteerism and Service-Learning at Ringling where he focused on increasing student engagement. His passion for student engagement is clear when he described his work with students:

“One of my favorite service-learning projects is one that has continued for a few years at Ringling. Students from different majors get together and either draw or paint these amazing portraits of local veterans from the community. It was always cool to watch. They’d sit down in front of the canvas and the student and their assigned Vet would start a conversation. By the end of it they’ve sort of built a relationship and the Vet has an amazing piece of art to take with them. College was a transformative experience for me. So reaching back and helping students realize how their potential can be applied is exhilarating.”

Let’s learn a little more about why Andy decided to join our team.

What lead you to Presence?

I was first introduced to Presence (then Check I’m Here) in 2013 while attending Startup Weekend Tampa Bay. Myself and a fellow SGA Board immediately understood the value of the software and how it could benefit our campus. Fast forward to the present; I’ve been living in St. Pete working in the advertising industry. Via social media I saw that Presence had grown considerably and was operating out of St. Pete as well. With Presence being at the intersection of higher ed and technology — two of my greatest interests — it seemed like a sign to reach out.

Why are you excited to be apart of the Presence team?

I am excited to work for Presence because it’s a perfect storm of good people working tirelessly to grow great software.

What stood out most to you about the company?

What stood out most is how I understood the need for having this software on college campuses. Having worked in student activities, it just makes so much sense. I love the fact that most of the Campus Outreach Coordinators have personal experiences in higher ed. I think it’s going to be cool knowing that when I reach out to these colleges, I have actually done the job of some of the people I am talking to. That really sets Presence apart.


Prior to joining the Presence team, Andy contributed his knowledge and talents to the advertising industry in St. Petersburg, Florida. Outside of the daily hustle, Andy explores St. Pete, goes to local music shows (anything from punk to reggae to jazz), plays pool, and designs digital graphics.

Some of his future goals include learning Spanish and traveling the world. First place on his list? The Amazon rainforest.


We couldn’t be more excited to have Andy with us!

To learn more about life behind-the-scenes at Presence, and to see if we have any open positions that may suit you, to check-out our careers page.

Kayley Robsham

About the author: Kayley Robsham is the former Community Engagement Manager at Presence, the complete student engagement platform. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

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