Welcoming Adrienne McBroon & Justin Fries

We’re welcoming two more humans to the Presence team this week. Help us give a two big internet high fives to Adrienne McBroone and Justin Fries!

Before making the leap to Presence, Adrienne worked at Kennesaw State University in Georgia as the Coordinator of Transition Programs. She found her love for higher education and student affairs at East Tennessee State University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Public Relations and minored in Communication Studies.

During her undergraduate career she enjoyed being a sister of Alpha Xi Delta, an orientation leader, and extended orientation leader. She went onto obtain a Master’s of Education in Professional Counseling with a concentration in College Student Affairs from University of West Georgia.

When discussing what attracted her to the field of higher education, Adrienne says:

“What interests me most about higher education is how transformative the college experience is for students. I love how it is nearly impossible for one to stay the same during their journey through college. It is a time of growth for so many reasons and I’m so excited to play a role in that growth by being at Presence!”

Adrienne will be partnering alongside our campuses in her new position as a Happiness Sidekick, working directly with our Happiness Experts, Alex and Franklin, and Director of Happiness, Mike!


Adrienne’s fancy Kennesaw State headshot

Let’s learn a little bit about why Adrienne is excited to be a part of the Presence team:

“I am so excited for many different reasons! During my time working in student affairs I loved what I did, however, I often felt as if I was not making enough of an impact. I feel like I will finally be able to make the impact that I have been longing to.

When I interviewed at Presence I felt welcomed from the moment I walked in the door. It was evident that Presence is not only doing amazing things, but has an incredible team of people as well!”


Adrienne running the Craft Beer Classic in Georgia

Outside of work

Adrienne is a runner and especially loves distance running — she’s planning to run her first marathon in Nashville this fall, and will be completing her first Ragner Relay later this year. Running allows her to travel and get outside of her comfort zone. Once a week, Adrienne keeps up with her favorite television show: “This Is Us” on NBC. She’s not alone in that: The relatable themes throughout the show make it hard for many of us on the team not to watch.


Now, time to give a warm welcome to Justin!

Justin joined the Presence team as our newest Full Stack Developer, where he will help build out new features for our campus partners. Full stack developers generally work on both the front-end and back-end portions of an application, and they’re familiar with all layers of software development.

What specifically lead Justin to Presence?

Justin obtained his Bachelor’s in Finance from the University of South Florida where he was involved with the Bulls Business Community and the International Business Board. Between wrapping up his college experience and Presence, he describes his life as being a bit of a “whirlwind.” Between getting married, raising his now 5-year-old, landing a job at Citi, moving to Vancouver, Canada, and moving back to Tampa, Florida, it seems that opportunities have been abundant for Justin! Phew!

Justin most recently transitioned from Citi as an Intermediate Software Developer where he was passionate about streamlining processes for himself and his co-workers. Sound familiar? ::emoji wink:: At Presence, Justin is interested in empowering institutions to encourage their students to engage in experiences outside of the classroom.


Justin with his son Ronan.

Let’s learn a little bit about why Justin is excited to be a part of the Presence team:

“I’m excited to work in a smaller environment with impassioned colleagues that are engaged and eager to share, learn, and collaborate to create a great product and company.

I think where students grow and learn the most is through co-curriculars: in student organizations, school events, social gatherings, residence halls, and off-campus housing. I like the idea of giving schools more power to better enable their student body to take advantage of these moments to learn outside of the classroom.”


Justin skiing with friends in Keystone, Colorado.

Outside of Work

When he’s out from behind the computer screen, you can find Justin indulging in outdoor activities, reading, and keeping up with a few shows, like “Game of Thrones.” Currently, he’s trying to be better at wake boarding, and wants to learn how to kite board and hand glide. The next three books he aims to read include Peak – Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, Girl on the Train, and Nudge (our team shares his love for learning).

Justin’s love for travel is evident — he visited six new places last year alone: Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, several parts of South Africa, Denver, Chicago, and most recently, Austin, Texas. The Presence team loves to travel too, so Justin will fit right in.

We’re psyched to celebrate new beginnings!

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Kayley Robsham

About the author: Kayley Robsham is the former Community Engagement Manager at Presence, the complete student engagement platform. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

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