The Student Affairs Morning Personalities

Mornings are the start of everyone’s day, but not everyone starts out on the same path.

We’ve outlined six student affairs morning personalities that you may come across in the office to better understand your colleagues day-to-day habits.

The Email Enthusiasts

These #SApros are always the first to respond to an email.

Checking emails in the wee hours of the morning helps these people feel accomplished early on in the day. Getting through this first round of communication allows for other tasks to rise to the top of the priority list. Clear inbox = clear head. Are you aspiring to better manage your inbox? Check out to manage your emails! Team #inboxzero.

The Coffee Connoisseurs

This may be the person that has an espresso machine or french press in their office.

They know the best place on/off campus to get coffee. Don’t like coffee, but like the sound of a coffeehouse? Wish you could transform your office into a coffeehouse?  Consider Coffitivity for ambient noise that may enable, rather than detract from, productivity. “The mix of calm and creativity in a coffee shop gets those creative juices flowing!” – Creators of Coffitivity.

#SAfit Junkie

This #SApro tweets their morning workout, picture of the early sunrise at 5:30am or a late night workout session.

They most likely have Nike+ a running application for smartphones and compete in Nike+ Challenges with other #SApros around the country.

Trying to become more #SAfit? Try to incorporate an office exercise challenge every hour or talk a walk during the lunch hour. Help fight that afternoon fatigue with a few toning exercises or make some adjustments to your workspace (i.e. stand up desk, adjustable desk, yoga ball).

The Avid Tweeter

This #SApro knows the early tweeter gets the worm. They throw a # (hashtag) in front of everything they say.

Building online communities and feeling connected significantly increases this person’s sense of belonging. If you’re a serious twitter fanatic you have heard of Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, which allows you to monitor multiple feeds that correlate to your favorite hashtags.

The Office Cat

This #SApro enjoys a slow start to the morning and prefers to work in the quiet confines of their office. From time to time, they spontaneously pop their head into their colleagues offices just to say good morning. They take pride in their office decorations and have a check-in check-out system for lending pens.

In the morning, they may be intentionally uninteresting to ward off any interruptions while checking emails in solitude.

The Night Owl

These student affairs professionals never find a stopping point. If you want to find them they are most likely burning the midnight oil working on something that needs to get done. If you find yourself checking emails at in the middle of the night or the wee-hours of the morning try using Twilight’s soft red filter to avoid blue light on your devices, which may be harsh on the eyes during certain hours of the day or evening.

Whether you’re tweeting, getting a cup of coffee, checking e-mails, or just rolling out of bed, remember to pace yourself. The human body is not meant to rush from one thing to another: surround morning activities with space and time.

Remember to be mindful of the various personalities inhabiting your workplace in the early AM. Tweet us if you’d like to share other #SApro morning personalities we missed @hellopresence!

Kayley Robsham

About the author: Kayley Robsham is the former Community Engagement Manager at Presence, the complete student engagement platform. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

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