#SAPros, The Real Campus Heroes!

In recent years there has been a noticeable increase in the availability of online and open source higher education options for potential students. One thing that online universities and self taught courses are lacking is the support and guidance that student affairs professionals provide to the student body population.

They spend an enormous about of time planning and coordinating events to make sure students are also learning outside the classroom. We wanted to help people understand the value and impact these unsung heroes make on campus, we’ve listed whys and whats that make student affairs professionals rock!

 A Source of Guidance

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Student affairs professionals pride themselves on developing successful students and colleagues. SApros help individuals transition into and out of college and guide them through their journey through higher education. Making sure student needs are meet and providing them with insight or advice can make a tremendous difference!

Teachers Outside the Classroom

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Creating experiential learning opportunities for students is a focal point in the SA community. Providing learning moments that don’t involve textbooks or a white board is a lofty task, yet student affairs professionals are always finding ways to engage students before & after class. Student affairs professionals are responsible for developing student leaders who understand their potential and civic responsibilities.

They Impact Retention & Enrollment

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Ensuring that students have a positive experience relies largely on the efforts of student affairs professionals to engage and entertain the student body from their first year to the last. As a student affairs professional, your job is to provide a mixture of teachable moments. A student’s experience directly correlates to retention & enrollment rates and ultimately impacts what type of alumni community and campus culture your institution possess.

They Address Hot Button Topics

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Whether it’s title IX or weapons on campus, student affairs professionals try to understand and tackle issues that impact their campus and more importantly the world. Progressive thinking and flexibility helps SApros stay current with topics that affect students and staff. This helps build inclusive environments where students from all walks of life feel comfortable on campus.

They’re Resourceful

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Student affairs professionals must be resourceful. Sometimes they’re short staffed or working with a depleted budget but somehow find away to get the job done. Call it what you will, cutting corners and DIY solutions do the trick when swimming upstream.  SApros are a crafty bunch!

 They Embrace Technology

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Many SApros have adopted technology and adapted to social media as a means of engaging the modern college student. Student affairs professionals have also started blogging and staying active in different channels in the higher education community in order to network with other colleagues. Not to mention all the conference fun you get to keep up with!

They’re Better Dancers Than Other Staff and Faculty 


We all know student affairs professionals know how to have a good time! A big smile & dance moves should be in every SApros arsenal. You DON’T have to be Beyoncé to get the party started! Make sure you stretch prior to hitting the dance floor, you wouldn’t want to pull a muscle trying to whip it’ followed your attempt to get help by Nae Nae’-ing while holding your lower back.

If you know of some other reasons student affairs professionals rock, let us know by leaving us a comment below!


Anthony Freese

About the author: Anthony Freese is the former Director of Marketing at Check I’m Here, the complete student engagement platform. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

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