Introducing Our Senior Software Developer: Jesse Anderson

The human we’re introducing this week hit the ground running when he came on board just this past Monday.

Jesse jumped right in his position as a software developer (fancy, huh?) helping our team continue to build the best student engagement software in the higher education field.

Without further ado, welcome to the Presence team Jesse!

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Jesse originally hails from Seattle, Washington and graduated from Portland State University in Oregon in 2010 with a degree in Philosophy. Before joining the Presence team, he was drawn to studying life and the universe, all while teaching himself how to program and building a case management application for an intellectual property law firm. Jesse’s adolescence was spent compiling Linux kernels as well as small video games and websites.

Outside of work you can find Jesse enjoying the local coffee and beer culture in the Sunshine City of St. Petersburg. He enjoys spending time with family, watching sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico, and a good game of chess. His future bucket list items include paddle boarding and testing out Tampa Bay disc golf courses.

Let’s learn a little bit about why Jesse is excited to be apart of the Presence team:

“I’m excited to be a part of the team because I’m passionate about increasing student engagement in colleges and universities. I was a first-generation college student (so the value of getting a college education is deeply rooted in my psyche), and as an undergraduate, I saw the problem of low student engagement on campus firsthand.

I led a student group of whistleblowers who exposed the large issue of student fees being misused in student government. There was a low rate of participation amongst students (something like 16%) and it was scary to see student fees going to waste. I’m excited to build software that will help increase the participation of students in campus activities and increase retention.”

The Senior Software Developer focuses on creating new applications and features, making our existing platforms better, and works to improve the speed, reliability, scalability and efficiency of our student engagement software.

We’re so excited to have Jesse on board with the team! Follow him on Twitter @atomdata and connect! Thanks for reading.

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Kayley Robsham

About the author: Kayley Robsham is the former Community Engagement Manager at Presence, the complete student engagement platform. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

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