Raising $1MM: Here We Grow

We have exciting news to share today. We raised funds – $1 million to be exact – to expand our platform, grow our team, and continue to provide the best engagement software in the edtech market.

Our software (and people) help to power institutions of higher education to use and leverage big data to increase student engagement and retain more students. We consider our company an emerging leader as we grow at a rapid pace in the edtech scene. We have a unique understanding of how campus involvement impacts the college experience as former SA pro’s combined with the knowledge of building the most impactful engagement software.

Thanks to you, since our launch just 2 years ago, Presence is now used by more than 350,000 students across more than 80 institutions in 3 countries.

This funding will help our team grow faster to provide an even better product and service for staff and students.

Ronald Schlosser, former Executive Chairman and current Board Member of McGraw-Hill Education explains the impact of our software on institutions:

“The need to retain students and prepare them for the workforce affects institutions of all sizes. Check I’m Here has done an exceptionally impressive job of building a data-focused platform for Universities and Colleges that sets the bar for the legacy solutions that came before it. I am incredibly excited to be backing an outstanding entrepreneur and his amazing team, as Check I’m Here continues to impress their customers.”

What this means for campus partners

Better Customer Support & Success

One of my favorite quotes, our team had with a student affairs pro, sums up how we treat our customers:

“It was so pleasant chatting with you, like talking to an old friend at Starbucks sipping a mocha frappy thing”

It’s the overcoming feeling of happiness that our campus partners have when using our product and talking with us, along with our passion for solving these problems, that makes it so easy for us to come in every day and make more of this happen. With these additional funds, we’ll be able to expand our team faster to provide an even higher level of support, take care of needs faster, and keep you smiling.

Expect more of this!

Upgrades & New Features

We’re focused on growing our product development team to stay in front of the innovation happening in edtech and student affairs to continue to provide the best level of solutions for institutions around the world. Expect faster upgrades, and a slew of new features, to launch over the next 6 months.

We continue to hold to our philosophy of solving real problems, with simple and intuitive solutions, built from our first-hand experience and customer feedback.

You Inspire Us

Thank You

To our campus partners, your success is our success. Thank you for investing in us, and giving us the opportunity to invest in you.


We’re excited to be afforded the opportunity to continually improve our software experience for our campus partners and to have created a product that solves a huge problem for student affairs professionals.

If you’d like to join the Check I’m Here team, we’d love to hear from you! We’re looking to add a number of humans to our team in several areas. Check out our jobs page for more details!

Reuben Pressman

About the author: Reuben Pressman is the founder and CEO of Presence, the complete student engagement platform. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

Check I'm Here is now Presence. Learn more about this change in our blog post here.