Aaron Hogue is Presence’s Newest Senior Full Stack Engineer

Earlier this year we introduced Devin, Franklin, and Alex to the amazing Presence team, and we have an even more recent addition – meet our newest lifelong learner and team member: Aaron!

Aaron has been working at Presence in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida for less than a month and he’s already working to make our software better than ever.

A passionate technologist, Aaron has a wealth of knowledge and experience he brings with him to Presence. Aaron received his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology and Master’s of Science in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, and recently completed an equivalent of a master’s in insurance with Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU). He’s been developing web applications for 15+ years in numerous industries (finance, insurance, medicine, stock photography, manufacturing, supply chain, etc.) and we are truly excited to learn from Aaron as he settles in – both to Presence and from his move from across the country (he’s most recently from Illnois).

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Above picture: Aaron on an early morning hike in Waikiki, Hawaii. What a view!

His undergraduate involvement was comprised of dividing his time as a member of the Student Union Board and a Disc Jockey at the college radio station. Aaron is a huge fan of music, which he highlights, “helps me find the true rhythm of life.” Additionally, he plays the acoustic and electric guitar, as well as bass, and decided after high school that he’d keep his professional dream of becoming a musician as a backup plan to his college degree.

Fun fact about Aaron: he actually flunked out of his first programming college course called ‘Data Structures’ and was resilient with his setback, now a data software engineer working full-time.

Another fun fact about Aaron: his first PC was a TRS-80 Color Computer which he spent many hours play Clowns and Balloons. He’s been hooked to computers ever since. Here’s a quick picture, for any of you wondering what his first computer looked like:


Let’s learn more about why Aaron is excited to be a part of the Presence team:

I believe WHY Presence exists aligns perfectly with my view of higher education and the importance of preparing students to be lifelong learners and practitioners. As a former hiring manager in charge of talent acquisition – students are more than a GPA and major of study, aligning their true talents and strengths can only be known if you know their unique interests and student activity profile.

The best talent typically comes from students who were engaged not just in academia (IQ), but their social involvement was key to communication ability and emotional intelligence (EQ). Next generation employers understand that great talent has both high IQ and EQ skills. I believe the Presence mission is to promote engagement with others going along the same higher ed journey and promote persistence to completing a degree program.

Outside of work, you can find him with his family or weightlifting, running, or cycling. He loves to go on new adventures with the people who keep him young at heart: his six boys (who we heard are ultra fun).

We’re so excited to give Aaron an official welcome to the Presence team!

In reflecting on his life experiences, Aaron leaves us all with these words of wisdom:

Life experiences have told me that you need to balance the important things in life and that money isn’t the key to happiness. Getting behind a cause or a movement is a much more satisfying and rewarding. I’m excited to use my talents to further Presence reach across the globe and encourage students to get more engaged especially now with technology controlling more eyeballs than ever. Help create the environment that you want to be a part of and you’ll never be disappointed in where you land.

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Kayley Robsham

About the author: Kayley Robsham is the former Community Engagement Manager at Presence, the complete student engagement platform. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

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